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Looking for more grip and confidence on your next ride? Our innovative and highly rated line-up of magnetic bike pedals for mountain, e-bikes and road bikes is a game-changer for new and experienced riders alike. Engineered in Europe, our patented magnetic system enables you to release your foot quickly and easily from the pedal – so you can focus on your ride without fear of being clipped in during a crash.

Enhanced Performance

Our pedals ensure a continuous circular motion for maximum riding performance. You will feel the difference in efficiency – especially on longer rides.


We are constantly innovating to ensure our pedals don’t weigh you down. Our pedals range in weight from 270 grams for our magped ROAD to 530 grams for our double-sided ENDURO.


More float? Yes please. Our pedals enable your foot to rotate in either direction, putting less strain on your joints and maximizing performance. Your foot can move to the back or front without a loss of hold ensuring an ideal position when climbing or descending.

Pulling Force

Depending on your pedal of choice, expect up to 15 kg in pulling force. The force of the magnets is primarily vertical, enabling you to effortlessly release by moving your foot sideways. However, if you find yourself about to crash, you can release by pulling your foot up vertically too.

Shoe plate

Our shoe plates are made of rust and dirt-resistant steel and are compatible with all SPD bikes. The plates are easy to install in a couple minutes with the provided screws and you’ll also find the “walkability” of your bike shoe will be significantly improved. Check out our Shoe recommendation!


Our pedals are equipped with three sealed, high quality industrial bearings. Pins can be exchanged if required. The high-performance neodymium magnet is adjustable via the integrated polymer damper unit.

Safety instructions:


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